Primed Liners

Our liners are made from Poplar Wood, finger joined and in 10-foot lengths.
Liners will be cut to 5 and 5 feet or 6 and 4 feet when shipping via UPS. Liners are always packed in cardboard boxes.

Primed Liners Chopped

Chopped Liners are always cut with a 1/8″ standard allowance, unless specified otherwise. Liners are always packed in cardboard boxes. When ordering chops, please refer to the United Inches Chart.

Primed Liner Chevron Samples

Samples are available as chevrons, individually or in sets. Samples are provided at no charge. We only ask that you pay the corresponding freight charges when ordering.

Custom hand wrapped corners samples are available upon request.

Primed Liner Joining Charge

Joining is available for an additional $8.50 per chop.